Coronavirus has affected the hospitality industry like no other. I know people really keep going on about this virus and by now your probably sick of hearing about it, but I thought I should still share my story as some people may need to hear it. In all honesty its mainly about the first time where I ‘didn’t know where I was going’ and my future wasn’t as clear as it usually was but also a time that helped open my eyes to the world of possibilities and that we can really only control what we can control, like my dad always says “no point worrying about shit you can’t change!’..

It all started in March, not only the pandemic, but my first move out of home (funny how things work out like that). It was an emotional time moving from an existing, comfortable and caring kitchen team, leaving my family and moving out, but it was a fulfilling experience and one that everyone should go through. However, it was short lived.

I had been scheduled to start my first day at my new job in an inspiring Melbourne restaurant just when the government announced Australia’s first stage three restrictions were being put into place, meaning fine dining restaurants like the one I was about to start at, had to close temporarily.

So, I went back to Wodonga, two weeks after moving to Melbourne. During this time, I worked closely with a few other chefs, developed my online class platform and kept myself busy. If you’re like me or you’re a chef you probably know that doing nothing after being used to doing lots, never works in your favour.

Anyways four weeks later the restrictions were lifted lightly and I moved out of home for the ‘second’ time (not many people get that opportunity). I finally got used to Melbourne’s city lifestyle and got to start at my new job and daunting yet rewarding time. But the the story isn’t over yet, two weeks later after a spike in cases Victoria, the premier announces that they’re placing Melbourne into stage three restrictions again and that restaurant’s will once again have to close or do takeaway. So, I move back to Wodonga for the second time and lose my job once again.

It’s cliché but ‘here I am now writing this’ and thinking what could be next. Three months ago, I felt so in control of my potential future and now I couldn’t feel less sure about anything I do.