The must-haves in your kitchen

 Providing a healthy and easy-to-prepare meal for your family, every-night, can be quite the challenge. Preparing your kitchen and having the correct equipment can help you to prepare meals in under 30 minutes, that actually taste good!!!

Equipment you have to have!

  • Sandwich Toaster (Not only can you toast sandwiches, you can use the toaster as a flat grill for cooking pancakes, eggs and bacon)
  • Stick blender/food processor (find one appliance that does both, this way you don’t need to buy a big bulky food processor)
  • KitchenAid (Although this is an expensive item, it’s well worth the cost. Current models cost around $500, and I recommend the Artisan range. These pieces of equipment make baking cakes and making icing super quick and are also perfect for making pizza dough or whipping cream)
  • Dishwasher (This one explains itself)

Other tips for kitchen organisation

  • Having an organised pantry helps when your cooking meals, ‘on-the-go’. I recommend labelling all of your dry goods in airtight containers, as this makes them easy to re-fill and access while cooking.
  • If you’re a frequent baker, have two tubs, one for each type of flour (eg. SR and Plain) with a scoop in each. This is so much easier when your making bigger cakes.
  • Having your knives on a metal magnetic rack, is easily the most handy thing EVER!!!, If you don’t have one, you can buy it online here: kitchenwarehouse.com.au/Product-Types/Magnetic-Knife-Racks-P
  • Involve the kids/others with cooking, this can help you find systems that make mealtime more peaceful and a lot easier.
  • Take time each couple of months to do a re-organisation day, clean out your Tupperware cupboard and re-organise your pantry, so that what you use is closest to the front, and easy to grab.